Email marketing

We turn anticipated and relevant emails into customer action.

An email marketing programme with Gillissa

  1. Build a list of contact details
  2. Create a programme of customer communications
  3. Test, measure and launch campaign

1. Building your list

We use our creativity to build you a database of people who are looking forward to hearing from your business. Trade shows, white papers and competitions are three examples of how we find the right customers for you to talk to. We start with your current database or generate a complete list.

2. Your Customer Communications programme

We plan a programme of news, offers, discounts and incentives that will appeal to your customers. This can be as simple as a single newsletter for all customers or a segmented campaign based on targeted demographics or customer trigger actions and shopping history.

We incorporate this content into emails with beautiful design and layout and attention-grabbing subject lines that people cant wait to receive.

3. Test, measure and launch

Using enterprise-level software with full tracking and statistical reporting we test designs of emails and measure responses before launching your perfect customer communication.

We measure delivery rates, open rates, unsubscribes, click-throughs and everything you need to measure your ROI.

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