Get started with Pay Per Click advertising

Its now very easy for a beginner to overspend thousands of pounds in the congested PPC market. Please, talk to Gillissa first. Working with us brings you a much better Return On Investment (ROI) even with our fees.

We are PPC experts and whether your website is ecommerce or lead generation we can help you bring the right quality of visitors, create online presence, support your brand and your organic page rank.

How we help you get started with PPC

1. Research

We build a bank of intelligence about your business, your customers and the market you are operating in. We look at your website and what your competitors are doing including PPC and other marketing campaigns. Then we combine our PPC expertise with your market knowledge to choose the most effective keywords and to decide where to market you and to whom.

2. Pilot programme

The pilot programme runs for two months. The first month is testing, refining and improving. We monitor everything we can and build the intelligence into the next stage.

The second month will show you what you can expect from a long-term PPC campaign - average Cost Per Click, the achievable Click Through Rates, conversion rates and ROI. Your campaign will be performing as a professional PPC campaign run by experts should do.

3. Results

Results speak for themselves and we always provide excellent ROI. Your business will start benefitting from PPC marketing in just two months.

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