Strategy and planning for Internet marketing

The Internet is a savage market place. It is full of determined competitors whose aims are to out-bid and out-rank you, make your over-spend and under-perform. Its a mature market and its much, much harder to enter successfully that it was five years ago. Thats why its more cost-effective to work with the experts at Gillissa.

Creating a strategy for your Internet marketing means you are much less likely to overspend or spend ineffectively. We can provide just about any form of Internet marketing, but wed rather help you use those with good ROI.

No one knows your business like you do which is why we start the strategy and planning process by listening to you. Then we apply our expertise and market intelligence and come up with a plan for you.

An Internet marketing strategy and plan could be the most cost-effective action in your marketing. A half-day consultancy plus written strategy and outline plan costs 875.00.

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