July 16th, 2010

Continued Search Marketing Growth

Recent search marketing figures released have indicated worldwide spending on internet marketing will reach £40.6 billion pounds, almost a 12% increase on the previous year, according to figures released by eMarketer.
As you may be aware, online advertising has grown to such an extent in recent times that its expenditure outweighs the more traditional forms of advertising; television and radio. (A topic discussed in the previous Gillissa blog post ‘The Growth of Online Advertising’)
With these increased spending figures, Jared Jenks, author of the worldwide spending report, quoted “These rates will be unmatched by other media”.
In accordance with the forecast from eMarketer, Efficient Frontier found that the UK’s search marketing sector grew by 10 percent over a twelve month period, indicating the trend of search marketing prospering within difficult financial times has continued, whereas other forms of advertising have not been so profitable.
However, CPC (Cost-Per-Click) rates were significantly reduced when compared to the same period the previous year, though CPC rates did rise again in the final quarter. Such an analysis seems to imply that the search marketing sector is certainly making headway in working its way out of the recession.
In accordance with this perception, Efficient Frontier suggest that a major increase in search advertising spend in the United Kingdom is imminent.
With search marketing’s continued prosperity, and its new found status as the number one method of advertisement, it appears that any predictions of future growth for search marketing are accurate.
Furthermore, the team at Gillissa have certainly noticed a surge in impressions and traffic this year, evidently coinciding with the continued popularity of online advertising. (Except for the time period during the World Cup, especially when England were still in the competition!)