December 9th, 2010

Ethical decisions key factor in consumer choices

I saw that a recent survey showed that despite the economic downturn, consumers are not deterred from making more green – conscious choices when shopping. Shoppercentric conducted the survey which revealed that customers are more aware than ever of the source of goods, and actively look for labelling which shows its ethical credentials. Despite the economic downturn and the premium prices of more ethically sourced goods, the survey reveals that the cost of the product to the environment is as important as the price.

I believe that ethical labels are gathering momentum, as free range, organic and fair trade are becoming increasingly more recognised labels. I feel that these findings also make it imperative that the optimum amount of information is available to the online buyer. The ethical aspect of goods and their production is becoming an increasingly hot topic as more and more people are making a commitment to environmentally and socially friendly products. The influx in popularity of online purchasing, particularly in the food sector, means the importance of clear product listings is vital in allowing consumers to make informed choices

The nature of online shopping means that there are plenty of places in which ethical information could be slotted in, and price comparison sites may help consumers to pick ethically but economically.

The fluid and pliable nature of online shopping means retailers can easily adapt to consumer trends. The Internet is great as it will allow brands and retailers to provide their ethical agenda in an easily accessed sphere, and there is potential to create green sub-listings on product feeds to make informed shopping even easier, allowing the customer to make the most ethical decision.