October 13th, 2009

Google Adwords Account: Inside A Campaign

Once you have a Google Adwords Account up and running, it is essential to understand all of the components within the account, all designed to ensure that your adverts are as effective as possible.
The various tabs included in the account are all relevant, and can quickly lead to resolutions with any problems you may encounter.
As explained within the previous blog post, ‘Google Adwords at a glance’, if you view a Google Accounts structure like a pyramid, then the ‘campaign’ would appear directly after the Account itself.
Therefore, as one of the primary aspects of a Google Adwords account, I have decided to explore into the campaign structure.
Once a specific campaign has been selected, you will notice that 5 tab boxes are available to select; Ad Groups, Settings, Ads, Keywords and Networks.
Explained individually:
The Ad Group tab will show you your entire ad groups within a campaign. Clicking on an ad group tick box, you can change or edit your status.
The Ad tab will show the ads you have chosen to select. Clicking on an ad tick box, you can change status only.
The Keywords tab will show the keywords that you have chosen to select. Clicking on a keyword tick box, you can change or edit status.
The Networks tab will show how your networks are performing.
The Settings tab shows your campaigns, language, bid type, ad scheduling, budget, end date and location. Clicking on a campaign tick box, you can edit or change status.
All reasonably self-explanatory, yet critical that you are fimiliar with these tabs to ensure you make a success of your campaign.