June 15th, 2011

Am I Getting The Most Out Of Google Products?

Since its launch in 2002, Google Product Search (formerly ‘Froogle’ & ‘Google Product’) has become the most essential free of charge online marketing tool for all eligible e-commerce stores in the countries it populates. For the vast majority of businesses that make up the listings, in the past it’s been very much a case of meeting the minimum criteria for submission to upload their feed.

The initial upload for most businesses should just be the beginning of a feed enhancement process. Very rarely is a perfect feed uploaded first time round and even if it is, it may not match the records Google is using to index its own product entries.

The quality and degree of completeness of your submission will affect how much traffic your products attract. Over the past few months we’ve seen drastic increases in traffic and returns from Google Shopping for many clients simply through adding and nurturing the data being submitted. The data quality in the feed is directly linked to the placement of the products which enables in certain cases ensuring that products feature in ’price comparison’ boxes.

By getting each product either placed as high as possible for the highest populated search query and/or entered into a comparison will ensure a higher traffic volume through the channel.

Our new Feed Manager™ Product Optimizer allows clients to review their products as they are positioned in Google Shopping and then find, change and include additional data being submitted to Google with the greatest of ease in order to achieve the best results possible.

Given Google’s recently published articles on listing quality, it is more important than ever before to ensure that your submissions meet that standard – without them your traffic will die away and so will the resulting sales activity.