February 7th, 2011

The new face of discount vouchers

Mobile phone discount vouchers and apps are one of THE most talked about innovations for 2011, and look destined to become the new face of loyalty schemes. Similarly it is widely predicted that they will replace paper vouchers entirely at some point in the near future. Social media is another key avenue following suit, with new schemes which enable mobile phone users to “check in” to restaurants and shops and claim rewards and discounts – part of the wider trend for social commerce. Similarly brands are able to promote offers or giveaways through updates on sites such as Twitter, which have a huge outreach and are updating constantly.

The history of loyalty schemes has a proven track record of success, however by combining incentives with mobile phones and social media, companies will be reaching out to consumers directly through channels they know and use on a daily basis. There is potential to reach customers at every stage of their purchasing journey – to drive footfall, to raise brand awareness, to ensure repeat custom and tailor a personal discount.

A personalised and targeted voucher based upon browsing activity or registered interests means a relevant voucher which is far more likely to be used. In the same way that supermarkets tailor their vouchers based on the purchasing history of customers, it is likely that this will continue but move to a paperless email or downloadable voucher.

Similarly Smartphone and tablet Apps are being used to target customers with information to increase their loyalty and spending, as well as driving footfall into stores and providing easy mobile enabled access to online stores. I believe that any form of virtual loyalty will be proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool in driving business to both the high street and etail if used effectively.

Mobile phones, iPads and interactive digital media is undoubtedly the future of advertising and brand awareness, and utilising this tool now means that building on its potential in the future will be immeasurably easier.