October 8th, 2010

Price can be everything for internet shoppers

Etailers are reminded that price is still the most important consideration for internet shoppers during 2010 and urged to ensure their online product feeds are working effectively as online competition starts to heat up in time for Christmas.

In a local shop this week I noticed that Christmas items are already on sale, this is no different for the internet. With lifestyles getting busier and even more hectic many people will be turning to the internet to do their Christmas shopping this year. Not only are they in the comfort of their own home but they can compare prices without trailing through many shops.

With the recession not a distant memory, people are still watching their cash flow and with Christmas being one of the most expensive times of the year product price comparison is going to be big. However, the problem I often find is that many retailers have the information available to update their product feeds, but simply didn’t have the ‘thing’ that could feed this information out to the web and where it needed to go.

Automated ‘intelligent’ product display feeds are consistently proving to save retailers and agencies days or weeks of management and development time to set up and maintain listings on product listing sites and help get products in front of more online shoppers quickly and effectively.

It is a shame to think that many retailers will miss out on valuable sales this Christmas due to inaccuracies in their product feed data, which could mean either poor search rankings, reviews or being omitted from searches all together.

The good news is that there is still time for retailers to get their product feeds in check, as with solutions like Feed Manager, information can be updated and pumped out across the web in a matter of days.