January 20th, 2010

Search Marketing: An Increasingly Popular Method Of Marketing


There was encouraging news for search marketing as a whole, based on a recent report devised by search marketing firm Efficient Frontier.

The statistical data provided claimed that retail clients spent 17% more on search engine markets in the fourth quarter than in the same period for 2008.

This is probably relative to the fact that Efficient Frontier also reported a ninety percent increase in retail-related search queries.

Though there was such a significant increase in searches, conversions did not follow such an impressive positive trend within the same period of time.

Evidently, in such harsh economic times, people are searching online for retail bargains, and, based on the conversion levels reported, such bargains were not found.

From the acquired data, Efficient Frontier provided a trend, indicating that they anticipate 2010 to see advert spending growth somewhere in the region of 15-20%.

In addition, further research shows that Google increased its share of total search spending for the final quarter of 2009.

Google accumulated 74.5% of total outlay, Yahoo 20.4% and Bing 5.1%.

These values were almost identical when relating to capturing search advert clicks, ultimately confirming Google’s status as the runaway leader in the competition for leading search engine.