November 5th, 2009

The Ad Auction

As I sure you are aware, different browsers can have a very different bearing on search results.

Page-to-page viewing on the sponsored links section triggers a fresh auction.

Effectively, the results are recomputed, meaning that an ad can go from Page 1 to Page 2 and so forth.

Therefore the results can be VERY different.

In fact, the ad auction world can be so vast and competitive that increasing your bid price could potentially put you in a lower position!

The reason behind this is that bid prices vary, so if bid prices of other keywords move around, the situation becomes more fluid and more advert movement occurs as a result.

There are numerous factors that can have an effect of the performance of an ad within an ad auction.

These include the position preferences, the preferred cost bidding and conversion optimiser.

Advertisers who are new to the interface of Google Adwords have a tendency to rely on Google, that is, implementing Preferred Cost Bidding so that bid prices fluctuate, and as a result, so do ad positions.

Even within the field of operating with a fixed Cost Per Click, the variables of accelerated delivery and budget can have a substantial effect on the ad auction.

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