October 14th, 2009

The easiest gestures bring the biggest rewards

Everyone has a birthday and for every negative nellie who claims “I don’t do birthdays” there are ten who still carry with them that little feeling of hope and anticipation. Tap into this feeling by remembering your customers on their birthday. More importantly, give them something. A discount voucher for someone to treat themselves is a lovely offer, especially as there probably hasn’t been any cake and streamers for them.

An actual free gift is even better especially if your business isn’t ecommerce. It shows some regard and that you can be generous. Free gifts could include samples or vouchers: there is a big perceptual difference between been given a 10% discount and being given a £10 voucher, even if in both cases the client spends £90 and gets £100 worth of goods.

So if you want your customers to stay with you year after year do something to make them notice you – notice them.