December 4th, 2009

Google Product Extensions (Plus Box)

Google Product Extensions go live across the USA. Same to come for the UK?

December 4th, 2009

The Ever Changing World Of Google

The team here at Gillissa are aware of Google’s nature to frequently modify and change numerous aspects of its operation.
With Google being a integral part of our daily work, it is essential that we are aware of, and understand, any alterations that are made to Google, whether it be on the search pages or [...]

December 2nd, 2009

Does Plus Box Make A Difference?

Previous Gillissa blog posts have discussed the recent feature implemented by Google, commonly known as the Plus Box; which can change the manner in which products are advertised within the sponsored links section of a Google search results page.
Typing in a search query on Google can generate an advert with Plus Box capabilities, providing [...]

November 27th, 2009

Exam Passed!

As you may be aware, the first 3 months of my time at Gillissa involved studying intensely for my Google Adwords exam; spending a significant percentage of my day with either my head in a book, or with headphones on listening to the multimedia learning option provided within the Adwords learning centre.
Having taken the practice [...]

November 26th, 2009

Show Products From This Advertiser?

Typing a search query into Google generates numerous results that are relevant to what the user typed.
Recent changes introduced by Google have changed the nature of the search query results within the sponsored links section, to the extent that users may be unaware as to its true meaning.
The apparent confusion revolves around the [...]

November 25th, 2009

Why Page Load Speeds Are A Critical Part of Advertising

The ever growing popularity of the internet has coincided with an ever-growing dependency on the internet, to function correctly and perhaps just as importantly, function promptly.
Michael Brown at comScore indicates that because the internet is largely prompt, web user’s patience for page loading has clearly diminished over time, resulting in users turning their attention [...]

November 16th, 2009

Google Analytics – Keywords “Not Set”

Why searches to websites may have a “not set” flag in Google Analytics.

November 13th, 2009

Online Market Retail Growth

Research conducted by shopping comparison site Kelkoo has recently revealed that growth has continued within the online retail market.
In fact, their findings suggest that the ecommerce market is worth as much as £44.7 billion each year.
Further figures and statistics provided by Kelkoo indicate that online retail is an ever-expanding market, as a 1.9 percent [...]

November 11th, 2009

My Client Centre

The My Client Centre, otherwise known as a client manager account or an MCC, is an umbrella account containing access to individual Adwords accounts and other client manager accounts.
The client centre contains numerous benefits, though is only available by becoming a Google Advertising Professional. (Hence why I am studying for my exam!)
Your MCC [...]

November 10th, 2009

Contextually Targeted Campaigns

As with every aspect of Google Adwords, the networks available to advertise on (the search network and the content network) are vast and perhaps complicated to understand.
Whilst learning for my exam, I find it difficult to fully understand the concept of contextually targeted campaigns.
To start with a brief description, Google determines what adverts are shown [...]